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Hi I'm Annette

Hi, my name is Annette, nice to meet you!
I am a Career Coach pursuing my passion to help ambitious women land their dream job and advance their careers in corporate America.

I believe in the personal power that you can harness to transform your life, career, and education. I will cheer you on and hold on to the vision that you can accomplish your goals before you can envision it for yourself.

Pulling from my own work experiences, especially as a hiring manager, in Fortune 50 companies and world-class health organizations, I help others transform their professional careers. I am uniquely qualified to assist you in defining and quantifying your accomplishments, revising your first impression documents, launching a focused job search, and how to leave your current position with grace.

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  • Don't wait until you're in the interview process to have a social media presence that showcases your talent. It's never too early, so start now. With engaging content that highlights your strengths, it becomes easy for companies to see how awesome of an employee you will be.

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  • When writing a resume, it's important to add style so that you can stand out from the crowd. One way of doing this is by focusing on using action verbs in your summary and experience section. This will help emphasize what you have accomplished instead of just listing job duties.

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  • The STAR interview method is a great tool to use in job interviews. It helps you reach multiple goals at once, including assessing the interviewer's needs and communicating your skills effectively. This interview method is an excellent way to get the job you want.

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