• My résumé was done to perfection. I was looking for jobs, and after Annette completed a résumé remodel, I started applying, and in less than two weeks, I had a job interview. The company called me back for a second interview. I was offered the job the very next day! Annette coached me on the best way to counter my offer letter. I used her formula, and the company gave me what I asked for!

    Lisa C.
  • Annette is just fabulous. There is no other word for her ability to help. She is professional, prompt, kind, and smart at what she does. Not to mention she has a creative flair to add to all of it. Not only has Annette given me résumé help, but she has also given me career counseling and a wealth of networking opportunities. She added me to the amazing women’s networking group and personally set up zoom meetings to meet with people during the pandemic. You need it to happen? This woman can make it happen. And that is that push for the career you’ve been looking for!

    Elizabeth V.
  • I decided to look for a new career path. I enlisted Annette's help, advice, and expertise. Annette suggested that I join LinkedIn and was extremely helpful with updating my résumé. Not only did Annette work what my current career means to me, but she described my profession eloquently. There was a lot of information given to Annette about what I do, who I work with, and the resources I have has experience with. Annette was courteous, professional, and kept in touch with me throughout the process. Annette was also able to explain certain things about the app and website that were really helpful. A bonus is that Annettes' outgoing personality and confidence were brilliant examples of the confidence needed to reach any goal!

    Andrea E.
  • You have been such a blessing to me! The negotiating would have been super anxiety-inducing without you!!

    Lisa L.

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