I am a Northeast Ohio native that grew up on the westside of Cleveland and now reside in Kent with my husband, Ray, and my rambunctious Pomeranian, Claire. I earned my MBA at Baldwin Wallace University and my undergraduate degree from John Carroll University. 

I believe:

  • You are not stuck forever doing work that doesn’t bring you fulfillment.
  • You are not your job title.
  • You deserve good things.
  • There is a work/life balance.
  • Your efforts at work are appreciated.
  • You have everything you need to be successful.
  • You deserve a relationship with your direct leader that is full of mutual respect.
  • You will l work with a company that builds a culture of quality values.
  • Your professional contributions make other’s lives better.
  • You can land the job of your dreams. 


What I Do: Career Building

The workplace can be unpredictable. Learn to develop sustainability and remain relevant in today’s competitive workforce. Increasing your skillset and applying the materials necessary to display your value proposition to employers. 

Helping to Make Career Moves

If you are considering a career change, think about how this move will affect your short and long-term career goals. As your coach, I will guide you through the process at every stage. You deserve to have your dream job.